Best Residency (2014)

GRRRL PRTY at Icehouse

The ladies of GRRRL PRTY used their Icehouse residency late last year to capture their rapid growth as a formidable live rap act, but also to showcase the talents of their friends. While Lizzo's profile rose on both a national and worldwide level, she still seemed most excited when she had the opportunity to perform with her homegirls, Sophia Eris and Manchita. GRRRL PRTY also expertly curated their residency, which gave each of their monthly Wednesday appearances (topped off by a Friday night finale in January) a different vibe and flavor, with guests like Dessa, Aby Wolf's Wolf Lords, Caroline Smith, Black Blondie, Psalm One, Ashley Gold, Lioness, P.O.S., and Sean Anonymous all joining in the nonstop fun at one time or another. The biggest takeaway from GRRRL PRTY's residency is the amount of fun had by everyone on stage and in the crowd. The atmosphere at Icehouse was electric. The vibrant music paid homage to hip-hop's illustrious history, and showed that modern rap music is in quite capable hands going forward.


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