Best Play (2014)

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde

Over its relatively short history, Walking Shadow Theatre Company has built a reputation of presenting well-crafted, engaging, and, above all, honest work. Buoyed by a terrific and Ivey Award-winning performance by Craig Johnson as Oscar Wilde, Gross Indecency explored the nature of art and the role of the outsider in culture. Like a modern-day pop star, Wilde was set up to fall in stiff Victorian society, with his own creations eventually used against him to destroy his life and send him to prison. In Gross Indecency, Moises Kaufman (also part of the team who put together The Laramie Project) created a script that took the actual events of 1895 and then probed deep into the intersection of art and law, while also tracing the singular flaws that helped to bring this great man down. The cast, led by Johnson, put in excellent performances, while director Amy Rummenie brought her signature care and depth to make this a truly striking and resonant production.


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