After a long winter, the Twin Cities regularly reward patient fans with a plethora of top-notch festival shows. The Bachelor Farmer's Kräftskiva festival led in 2013. In addition to the copious amounts of crayfish, fine beer, and aquavit, the music lineup was as perfect as the weather. Justin Vernon's bluesy side-project the Shouting Matches were the surprise headliner, along with the Cloak Ox, Joey Ryan and the Inks, and DJ Jonathan Ackerman. It was a glorious day in the North Loop, as the sights and sounds elevated the mood of the crowd packing the Bachelor Farmer's cobblestone side street. The serene setting and Scandinavian flavor of the Kräftskiva festival gave the event a European feel. A high percentage of the attendees donned the yellow party hats provided, which made Kräftskiva feel like it was a birthday party for several hundred people.

Location Details

50 N. 2nd Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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