Best Local Record Label (2014)

Totally Gross National Product

The folks at Totally Gross National Product have been putting out some of the best, er, product in the Twin Cities for years now, but in the course of the past 12 months or so they've taken their game to a whole other level. Hardly a week goes by that the Minneapolis label isn't sponsoring a local showcase, or that one of its bands — GRRRL PRTY, Alpha Consumer, Marijuana Deathsquads — is taking up a month-long residency at Icehouse, complete with cameos from any number of their friends. TGNP's hustle isn't limited to the north country, either; they even hosted a showcase down at SXSW in Austin last month. Of course, the crown jewel of their events is the annual label party, which last year was a day-long blowout featuring the stars of their roster. And that's the kicker: Even more than TGNP's second-to-none community engagement, their roster of artists has grown into perhaps the most formidable in the state. In fact, with emerging talent like Lizzo (whose Lizzobangers was the game-changing local record of last year) and Allan Kingdom leading the way, Totally Gross forms the vanguard for Minnesota hip-hop in 2014. No mean feat, this.


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