Best Local Music Compilation (2014)

Piñata Records' Hit Parade Sampler

Southside Desire started Piñata Records on a whim, when the rock and soul act looked to get their record pressed in Nashville and the plant asked them what label they were on. From there, the band have not only shared their own music on their upstart label, including their buoyant full-length debut, Songs to Love and Die To, but they have already assembled a roster of hard-working groups. Hit Parade Sampler provides a nice cross-section of what the sound and spirit of the label is all about, ranging from psychedelia to garage to punk to funk. In addition to a few of the best Southside Desire tracks, there are also rousing numbers from Narco States (including a track recorded live at Hymie's Vintage Records), Black Diet (who impressed everyone at the First Avenue's recent Best New Bands showcase), Mystery Date, and new Piñata Records labelmates Mr. Hide, who have a new album coming soon. This tight-knit cadre of bands believes in the DIY aesthetic, and proves that its vital attitude is alive and well in the Twin Cities.


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