Best Local Cartoonist (2014)

Brittney Sabo

Brittney Sabo's work has the uncanny effect of being strikingly familiar yet difficult to break down into its component parts. You might be able to pinpoint an influence or two — Disney characters gone jagged-edged, or the wispy lines of shoujo manga given an eerie weight — but there's also a gut-level feel to her comics and illustration work that scans like something more elusively resonant. It could be her work's brushes with paranormal subject matter: Her contributions to Altered Esthetics' Rock Ink Roll collection included both a supernatural vinyl LP seance on the cover and a pop-song ghost story inside; her webcomic All Night features spirits and creatures both threatening and benevolent; and her freelance illustration work regularly takes on the cast of the unreal and mysterious. As a penciller, inker, colorist, and writer, she's an auteur — and her work is visually charismatic in every respect.


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