Best Local Author (2014)

Andy Sturdevant

You may have seen him in the art supply store at MCAD, or running his hands along the spines of books at Boneshaker, or walking up the bluffs along the Mississippi: Andy Sturdevant, glasses on, his distinctive red beard overflowing, we can only imagine, with creative ideas and goodwill for his adopted hometown. Since moving to the Twin Cities in 2005, Sturdevant has become a man-about-town in the best sense. He's the artist resources director at Springboard for the Arts. He writes a weekly column, "The Stroll," for MinnPost. He hosted the live-action magazine Salon Saloon. He organized an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts devoted to crowd-sourcing names for Minneapolis's alleys. And — oh yeah — in 2013, he put out his first book, Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow. Published by Coffee House Press, the book is a collection of Sturdevant's musings on everything from art in urban space to that time Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges visited Minnehaha Falls. It reads like a love letter to the Twin Cities, and it's the kind of questioning and charmingly oddball book that makes you want to go out, discover, and admire your town through Sturdevant's fresh eyes.


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