Best Jazz Artist (2014)

Dave King Trucking Company

There's really nothing that Dave King Trucking Company can't turn into jazz. With 2013's Adopted Highway, King on drums, guitarist Erik Fratzke, bassist Adam Linz, and saxophonists Chris Speed and Brandon Wozniak take a fun and whimsical journey down the road in a technicolor semi. Listeners are given carte blanche when it comes to how they want to plug into the group's second album. For some, it could be trying to untangle why the collection's most upbeat melodic number is called "Ice Princess," or what to do "When in North Dakota" other than just nod your head while lost in its salivating rhythm. For others, it's just seven songs with varying tempos, unexpected bursts of dissonance, and creative songwriting that never returns to the well-worn grooves. The Trucking Company has made a play for a more-freeing jazz experience, and who doesn't like freedom?


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