Best Jam Band (2014)

Night Phoenix

Night Phoenix is not your uncle's jam band. Formerly known as Roster McCabe, the Minneapolis quartet is one of the most out-there groups in a Twin Cities scene churning out a lot of music that baby boomers and gen-xers can agree on lately. On-point Inner Circle cover aside, here's something unapologetically for millennials. Led by the pristine-voiced Alex Steele, the high-energy group proudly refers to itself as "live EDM." Sure, they have a light show, bass drops, and vintage '80s keyboards that wouldn't sound out of place on the Gleaming the Cube soundtrack, but this music still reverberates with funk, jazz, and classic rock touchstones. Unsurprisingly, Night Phoenix (as McCabe) has been devoured by the club kids who like outdoor music festivals and can appreciate a detailed guitar solo. Rallying around music, companionship, and friendship, the Night Phoenix experience is overwhelmingly positive. Careful, this stuff is catchy too.


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