Best Family Band (2014)

The Hanson Brothers

While Jake and Jeremy Hanson aren't technically a band themselves, these brothers play in enough groups around town together to more than stake claim to top family honors. Jake has been adding his inventive guitar work to local bands since joining 12 Rods when he was still a teenager, while Jeremy got his big break as the drummer for Tapes 'n Tapes a few years later. Their respective careers took divergent paths for much of the past decade, but of late, the two find themselves sharing the stage more and more frequently: Both feature in the live lineups of Solid Gold, Actual Wolf, Halloween, Alaska (when Dave King is busy), Haley Bonar's band, and other collaborations that pop up on any given night in the Twin Cities. The Hanson brothers can adapt to, and perfect, any musical genre, while still bringing their distinctive flair to each project — a fact accentuated by their near-identical appearances. With matching round spectacles, heritage jeans, and Red Wings, this pair's fraternal bond is tighter than ever. Always in high demand, Jake and Jeremy Hanson are also some of the hardest-working musicians in Minnesota.


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