Best EP (2014)

Fury Things, EP 2

Fury Things embrace a raw urgency within the garage-rock sound permeating EP 2. The Dinosaur Jr.-loving Minneapolis trio recorded these six potent, guitar-fueled tracks themselves in their practice space. Singer/guitarist Kyle Werstein delivers his hazy, Dave Grohl-like vocals over a wall of discord, driven along by bassist Devon Bryant and drummer Andy Carson. The EP launches with one of last year's best local singles, "Harsh." Fury Things mix their influences well throughout this 26-minute collection, going from the feedback-drenched noise of My Bloody Valentine to the brash exuberance of early Hüsker Dü. The group members are currently working on their full-length debut, and if their fierce and fiery early work is any indication, Fury Things will be a name that'll become quite familiar.


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