Best Ensemble (2014)

To the Moon!

Reinterpreting The Honeymooners as a 20th-century Greek myth is the kind of idea that balances on a knife's edge. Mind you, that's the sort of treacherous territory Open Eye Figure Theatre and Bedlam Theatre occupy all the time. The collaboration in To the Moon! worked remarkably, almost movingly, and plenty of the credit goes to the quartet of talented actors. The four women carved out distinct characters using the original performances as a template for their own interpretations. Maren Ward led the way as Jackie, as bold and brash as the original. She teamed up with Kimberly Richardson, whose loose-limbed performance made for the perfect comic foil. The wives — Emily Zimmer and Annie Enneking — added their own depth to the proceedings. The quartet worked as a perfect unit, building comedy when it was needed and heightening the sense of tragedy (remember, the Greeks) once that side of the story came to the fore.


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