Best Director (2014)

Amy Rummenie

Along with John Heimbuch, Amy Rummenie makes up half of the wife-and-husband team behind Walking Shadow Theatre Company, which has built a reputation for thoughtful and insightful productions — many directed by Rummenie. Her theatrical enthusiasm is infectious, bringing life and layers to every production, including a number of intriguing shows from the past year. She helmed one of 2013's best productions, Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, and one of the most divisive, The Sexual Life of Savages, for Walking Shadow. Each time, the actors were given a terrific foundation for their work, a safe place to delve deep into questions of sex and sexuality. Her work is not all heaviness, though: Earlier this year, Rummenie brought her style to Park Square Theatre for a titillating romp through 17th-century Paris in The School for Lies. The production was gaudy and delightful — but also filled with a sense of discovery and a willingness to dig into issues we often like to leave hidden.


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