Best Cover Song (2014)

The Cactus Blossoms, "This Boy"

Leave it to the Cactus Blossoms to take a Beatles song back in time to before it was even written. Originally a John Lennon-led attempt at a Smokey Robinson-esque tear-jerker, "This Boy" was the 1963 b-side of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and eventually ended up on Meet the Beatles! In the capable hands of Blossoms Page Berkum and Jack Torrey, the harmonies of "Boy" are refined and deepened for an even more melancholic result. It could've risen out of Nashville decades prior to the British Invasion, and it's hard to unhear the slow pedal steel whining in the background as they retell the tale of how "This boy wants you back again." The song thrives as part of the Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 5, and it's a damn shame Lennon will never hear how well his vocal flourishes are put to use in a western music context.


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