Best Cover Band (2014)


Arguing about the legacy of the Beatles is a mostly moot point these days, but the case for the Fab Four's solo careers remains far more contentious. That's where Wangs come in. As their name suggests, this is one cover band that approaches their earnest Paul McCartney fandom with tongues firmly in cheek, about eight or nine dudes ready to get the sausage fest — er, party — started. And partying is the key. Boasting members of Night Moves, Buffalo Moon, and UMAMI, Wangs started after another tribute band, the Flying Dorito Brothers, went dormant, and thrives on the same sort of loose, drunken energy. Sky Audsley handles most of the singing (with John Pelant pitching in) on a brace of Wings hits that avoid the schlockiest Macca ballads, favoring instead his harder-rocking moments. Hearing them tear through "Jet" or "Band on the Run" is enough to make us all appreciate what those pop-loving mush heads on the Paul bandwagon have been on about all these years. They even throw in a cover of Ace's "How Long" — because you just can't keep a good Wang down.


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