Best Concert of the Past 12 Months (Local) (2014)

Totally Gross National Party at Icehouse

Over the past couple of years, Totally Gross National Product has built an eclectic lineup of rappers, rockers, and noisemakers who sound very little alike but still all fit together. After the Minneapolis label's 2012 showcase party at the opulent Icehouse proved a night to behold, a lot more folks were ready for last fall's return. The high-energy cool of breakout hip-hop star Lizzo and electronic supergroup Marijuana Deathsquads would've been plenty to stoke an evening, but the show also reteamed Ryan Olson and Maggie Morrison for the first Digitata show in years and introduced the live act of soultronic tinkerers Pony Bwoy. The outdoor acts played in front of a waterfall, and flowed into a challenging harmony. Inside, rising art-rap star Allan Kingdom came out swinging in the most anticipated appearance of his young career and materialized as a face of the label's future — and the Twin Cities' future, for that matter.


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