Best Band to Break Up in the Past Year (2014)

The Goondas

Hindsight is always a bit of a cheat, but it only ever took a little foresight to imagine that the Goondas wouldn't stick around for very long. No band in recent memory has brought the utter commitment to putting on a show as much as these four from the sticks of Chanhassen, nor has anyone burned the candle at both ends with such vigor. All the same, it's a bit of a miracle to think that the Goondas used and abused themselves for five whole years together — five years of Brenden Green climbing the rafters, breaking instruments, and inciting members of the audience and his own band to come to blows with him. Not that Green was the only instigator: His gravelly voice and ripped-jeans nonchalance were merely the spark that ignited the fuse of Jackson Atkins's whiskey-soaked riffing and the rough-and-ready rhythm section of Andy Meuwissen and Josh Miller. The reckless abandon of their live show is what many will remember, but before taking their French exit at the end of 2013, the Goondas left Dog Show, a smart, overlooked, and probably a little misunderstood record that betrayed the thoughtful, wearied souls behind all the wild antics.


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