Best Band Name (2014)

Tree Blood

Squeezing blood from a stone is one thing, but blood from a tree? Minneapolis noise rockers Tree Blood live up to the trunk-splitting intensity of their moniker and then some. With jagged guitars spilling everywhere with layers of fuzz and scuzz on top, Colin Wilkinson (vocals/guitars/samples), Simon Brooks (vocals/baritone guitar), and Walker Neudorff (drums) have a self-titled 2013 EP as unruly as anything coming out of the Twin Cities right now. Recorded in one take at McNally Smith School of Music, these five songs will serrate your soul. "All I want to do is get stoned and listen to Sonic Youth," is the lyrical sentiment expressed on "90's Rocker Girls," but all we want to do now is go scrape our knuckles on a sugar maple.


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