Best Actor (2014)

John Catron

A one-person show is a challenging, frightening, and — at its best — rewarding experience for an actor. In Misterman, John Catron played Thomas, an outcast and loner in the Irish village of Inishfree. Enda Walsh's script gives us a glimpse into the man's life and obsessions, the latter involving numerous audiotapes scattered around the dusty and dirty warehouse he calls home. The character interacts with each of the tapes throughout the show, reliving a day he desperately wishes could go differently. On a set that filled the Southern's massive space, Catron brought this Frank Theatre production to life, fully convincing us — if only for a moment — that this wasn't a madman alone with his tapes, but a madman actually interacting with the voices that haunt his every waking moment. This isn't the only fine work done by the actor — he was featured in Long Day's Journey into Night at the Guthrie last year and is coming off a superb role in School for Lies at Park Square — but it was his performance in Misterman that will live on in our memories long after the mental tapes of other shows have broken.


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