Best Acoustic Performer (2014)

Ashley Gold

Ashley Gold's talents as a singer steer clear of easy categorization. Whether she's singing a hip-hop hook, leaning into some R&B, or just wailing with her guitar, it's all good. Her voice applies just the right amount of coloring to her detailed lines without smearing all over the page, and that magic really takes off when paired with a six-string in a live setting. Knowing how to use acoustics in a room is more than just properly bouncing a voice off the walls. Where Gold shines — couldn't resist — is hitting the right parts of the heart with a message. That un-saccharine sweetness in her voice throughout 2013's This Sinking Ship clings to your ribs, and her recent song about struggle, "Stand Up," shows a commitment to making the poetic words she delivers matter. You know those singing competition shows on TV? She'd thrill.


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