Before Longfellow penned "The Song of Hiawatha," Minnehaha Park and Falls were filled with mysticism and wonder, an expanse of unadulterated nature in a soon-to-be-bustling city. Nowadays, the omnipresent light rail runs right by the park, but it's less of a deterrent than a convenience in a place where driving everywhere can be a pain. With the park's almost 200 acres of rolling green hills, shady trees, and tons of space to spread out, there isn't a bad spot to lay that red-checkered blanket down for an outdoorsy meal near the falls. And if it proves too much to pack your own lunch, pop over to Sea Salt Eatery inside the park for some delicious seafood in the great wide open. Afterward, take a stroll down to the falls, and if you're feeling adventurous, trek through the muddy forest path all the way to the river. On a gorgeous day, there's no better way to kick back and relax than in the soft grass beneath a canopy of lush leaves and sunny skies with your favorite eats during one of Minnesota's too-few warm months.

Location Details

4801 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55440


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