Personal training gets a bad rap. You watch a few episodes of The Biggest Loser and you assume that all studios are packed with shredded trainers who are going to scream in your face and make you feel like the fatty you know you really are. But at APEX Personal Training, they're breaking the mold. The trainers are friendly, nonthreatening, and committed to helping you get results. In addition, they offer specialty classes for events like the Tough Mudder, helping regular ladies and dudes reach their potential without the shaming. Plus, being a specialty studio, APEX has trainers who are dedicated to you as opposed to the 7:30 appointment. No matter if you're looking to get ripped, drop a few pounds, or kick ass in your big summer mud race, APEX Personal Training can help make it happen — without breaking you down in the process.

Location Details

4930 W. 35th St.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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