Spend a day at Fort Snelling State Park — an entire day, from morning till evening — and chances are you'll exhaust yourself before you exhaust all the possibilities of things to do there. For the sheer variety of activities, its profound natural beauty, its historic significance, and all the educational extras of a state park, it's hard to find an equal to Fort Snelling. Bring a bike and explore the park, or pedal a few short miles along the exquisite trail to Minnehaha Falls and back. Or hike over a small bridge and circumnavigate the wilds of Pike Island along a trail that will take you to the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers, a place considered sacred by the Dakota Indians. If you start early enough, chances are good you'll see deer wandering in the park. When you return from your hike, haul out a picnic in view of the stunning Snelling Lake, glinting in the sunlight. Take a nap on the wide, sandy beach, then go for a dip in the lake. Morning or evening, try your luck from the fishing pier. And if all that isn't enough, you can wander through the interpretive exhibits in the visitor's center, or hike up a steep trail to the historic fort, where you can spend a couple more hours relearning a fascinating part of the state's early history. Fort Snelling has something for just about everyone, whether you're looking for a day's worth of calorie-burning exercise, a magnificently lazy afternoon of leisure, or an unforgettable family bonding trip with the kids. True, a visit will cost you money — a paltry $5 for a daily parking pass, or $25 for a year-round pass — a small price to pay for maintaining this jewel of a park in the heart of the metro area.

Location Details

101 Snelling Lake Road
St. Paul MN 55111


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