It's hard to argue with success, and during a particularly down time in local professional sports, Frazier's steady hand won the day. Without major changes from a team that won three games in 2011, the Vikings overachieved last season, reaching the playoffs and offering some thrills along the way. Sure, you can put a lot of that on Adrian Peterson's broad shoulders, but Peterson was only one piece of the puzzle. The Vikings had to make do with a shaky quarterback, suspect secondary, and a fan base tired of losing. The season had an up-and-down rhythm — nothing is ever easy for the Vikings — but Frazier kept his cool throughout, never panicking as the season rolled on. Maybe it didn't end the way fans wanted it to (though it was clear that the quarterback situation was actually worse than we thought), but 2012 was a success all around, and Frazier's style has rubbed off on the team. Now, if the team could just lock up the coach in a long-term deal.

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