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The Foundry Home Goods

Shopping for your wedding registry ... or wish you were? Don't go nuts with the scanner at a big-box retailer or you'll end up with counters full of clutter and a bunch of junk destined for Goodwill at your next spring cleaning. Instead, repeat the mantra of "fewer and better" and outfit your kitchen by heading to the Foundry Home Goods. Its simple, practical, yet breathtakingly beautiful kitchen items are all sturdy enough to last for years and attractive enough to display for as long. This warm and inviting little shop, with worn wood floors below and exposed beams above, entices you to browse its shelves, running your hands over the smooth wooden spoons and bowls, the soft table linens, and bristly cleaning brushes. You'll find plenty of goods to spiff up your kitchen, including natural cleaning supplies and soap, dishware, serving bowls, glass carafes, and utensils, as well as a small selection of home decor items. You'll leave feeling as though you've not wasted a single penny nor an inch of counter space.

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