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Best Bookstore (Used)


If you're anything like us, you were probably alarmed last summer when you realized that the old space for Booksmart in Uptown was, well, no longer Booksmart. One more casualty in the ever-growing armada of bro bars and corporate storefronts, right? Well, fortunately, if you're anything like us, you were probably also relieved when you realized that Booksmart had simply changed locations — and what's more, they'd joined forces with Cheapo to form some sort of used goods mega-monster. Taking up the space that used to house those glorious rows and rows of old vinyl (the basement of Cheapo), this used-books holdout managed to reinvent itself without compromising its product. Booksmart still maintains a collection of fiction, history, mysteries, and Lord knows whatever oddities that could keep you distracted for hours. At a time when there's ever less room for the brick-and-mortar used bookstores, it felt like a minor miracle.

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