Getting a tattoo can be a big step for some people, while others just collect them all over. Either way, the quality of artwork is fundamental, and Leviticus has that in spades. A veritable Lake Street institution, Leviticus Tattoo won us over again this year with its gorgeous designs, precise execution, and awesome decor. The soothing koi pond and brightly colored walls will distract even the most nervous first timers, and the ultra-friendly staff is always willing to coach you through the experience. The artists at Leviticus are trained to perfect everything from classic to modern designs so you're happy with your tat forever. And every year the folks at Leviticus throw a Sailor Jerry party, with traditional tattoos available on the cheap according to how old the inking legend would have been (last year tats were $102). The tattoo shop itself will celebrate two decades in a couple of years, but the ink coming out of Leviticus is still as fresh and innovative as ever.

Location Details

4109 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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