Many well-loved children's books feature animals as main characters. So it only follows that a well-loved children's bookstore should have some animal characters running around, too. The Wild Rumpus, the Linden Hills outpost of kidlike wonder for tots and grownups alike, boasts its own mini-menagerie of pets, which pop out at picture-book browsers from every corner. Some critters, like the llama who visited for the store's 20th anniversary, come and go, but the shop currently houses three cats, one chicken, a couple of ferrets and chinchillas, and cockatoos and doves. Braver (not necessarily older) visitors can peer into the tarantula and lizard tanks. All the animals have names and stories and tend to respond well to the classic sidewalk question, "Can I pet him?" In between cuddling chinchillas and cooing at doves, take a climb in the treehouse and check out the selection of story times, plus the books for adults.

Location Details

2720 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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