An early adopter of the Lowertown neighborhood boom nearly 10 years ago, Lowertown Wine & Spirits is that fascinating cross-section of connoisseurship and here-comes-a-regular friendliness. If you're just stopping in to get a 40 of Mickey's, a case of Natty Ice, or a sixer of Summit, you might find yourself blindsided by just how eclectic its selection is. Nearby Barrio, Bulldog, and Black Dog patrons looking to follow up their latest beverage discoveries can find plenty to like here: The list of craft beers is nearly a hundred strong, the tequila selection is wide-ranging, and the wine collection is a local favorite both for its breadth and price. If you're ever looking for recommendations or suggestions, owner-operators Jerry and Gerry are as knowledgeable and amiable as they come. Once the new Saints ballpark and Central Corridor light rail are complete, this place will be even more of a destination, and a clear example of how shopping locally can give rise to an enviable success story.

Location Details

262 E. 4th St.
Saint Paul MN 55101


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