Whether they're looking to repair a leaky toilet or replace a window pane following a run-in with a baseball, beleaguered do-it-yourselfers are always within fumbling distance of a friendly Ace Hardware store, and we are partial to the location at 38th and Nicollet in Minneapolis. The staff members are eager to help but don't get in the way, whether you need a key cut, want to purchase some seeds, or are looking to rent some tools. No matter what your project, they seem to have what you need in stock in their reasonably sized, 15,000-square-foot store. The fact that Ace Nicollet is open seven days a week is all the more reason we find ourselves walking through its doors with an endless supply of dumb questions and obscure requests, and on every visit we're met with a smile.

Location Details

3805 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55409


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