Common Good Books has called the corner of Snelling and Grand avenues home for just under a year, but it's hard to imagine the independent bookstore not being there in the first place. Though Common Good Books has a different look, it's still got the same cozy feel of its old location beneath Nina's Café in St. Paul, where radio legend Garrison Keillor first made his dream of owning a bookstore a reality. The new, brightly lit store combines two spaces in its Mac-Groveland building: One side houses a well-organized bookshop, while the other has a wide-open presentation area perfect for intimate readings. With a connection to Keillor and such close proximity to Macalester College, the store provides plenty of chances to pop by to hear renowned local and national authors give their two cents about life and writing. Even better, tons of coffee shops and restaurants are within walking distance, perfect places to dive into your new books for an afternoon.

Location Details

38 S. Snelling Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105


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