Skeptics, wise up: If you've spent countless frustrating hours and who knows how much money trying to treat your anxiety or insomnia, your acne, indigestion, migraines, or that pain in your neck by visiting doctors of all stripes, perhaps it's time to put down your insurance directory or stop popping pills and instead think about channeling your qi. Acupuncture has been shown to treat a number of common ailments: skin problems, digestive complaints, pain, allergies, sleep problems — you name it — while also helping to encourage healing, support your immune system, and balance your mood. Attune Acupuncture is the go-to spot for a first-timer. Practitioner Sarah Larson's gentle, calming, and comforting demeanor can put even the most needle-phobic or Western-oriented patient at ease. Acupuncture devotees will no doubt appreciate her empathetic and helpful demeanor and her breadth of knowledge. She checks in on all aspects of her patients' health and carefully considers holistic approaches through acupuncture, plus herbal and dietary consultations. After 30 minutes relaxing in her office, you'll feel on top of the world. When's the last time you felt that way leaving your doctor's waiting room?

Location Details

4749 Chicago Avenue S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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