Best Undiscovered Neighborhood (2013)


Its residents might complain about the airport noise, but there are lots of reasons to set down roots in the Keewaydin neighborhood anyway, not the least of which is this: How cool would it be to say you lived in a place called Keewaydin? The name is derived from the Ojibwe word for "northwest wind," and the area originally was central to local American Indian culture. Situated on the banks of Lake Nokomis and bordered by Minnehaha Parkway to the north, 34th Avenue to the east, 54th Street to the south, and Cedar to the west, this walkable old streetcar community is a sleepy little 'hood with few chains save for the odd bank, gas station, or storefront Pizza Hut. It seems to offer a glimpse of the Minneapolis your grandparents knew, with the perfect mix of cozy little houses, mom-and-pop businesses, and corner commercial mini-districts. Highlights include the deliciously kitschy Mel-O-Glaze Bakery, Al Vento with its winning brunch (and bottomless mimosas), Nokomis Beach Coffee, the friendly neighborhood McDonald's (liquor store, no golden arches), the perfectly sized Oxendale Market, and plans to turn the old Skylane bowling alley into a third location in the Town Hall/Town Hall Tap franchise. Heading south toward the neighborhood's southernmost edge, don't miss Book Trader, an odd little used bookstore-cum-curiosity-shop that boasts not just books but the weirdest taxidermy you'll find around these parts.

Location Details

3030 E. 53rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55417


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