Best Tweeter (2013)

David Brauer

With the Twin Cities boasting one of the most vibrant Twitterverses in the country, the competition for this honor is stiff. But longtime Twin Cities journalist David Brauer's feed is a cut above the rest. Though Brauer's #ReturnToTheU as a student this semester resulted in him cutting back a bit on the tweeting, he remains involved in most of MSP's notable 140-character social media conversations. It helps that his interests run the gamut from politics to sports to food and farmers' markets, making his account a must-follow, one-stop experience for commentary and links about the major news stories of the day. Also helpful is the clout that comes with his gig as MinnPost's media blogger. Notably, on his Braublog in December, Brauer generated a lot of buzz when he debuted his boy-that's-a-simple-yet-good-idea "Twitter 1,000" ranking of the local news organizations and journalists with the most followers. Take it from us: When the Twin Cities' most respected media journalist tweets at you, you listen, respond, and try to match wits. To Brauer's credit, the last isn't an easy task.


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