Walleye is the state fish of Minnesota. Fish tastes best during the summer. Therefore, walleye should be consumed in large amounts at our Great Minnesota Get-Together. Deep-fried walleye, while delicious, can get a bit heavy, especially on hot, humid days during, oh, let's say the end of August and first few days of September. Chilled walleye, when mixed with celery, wild rice, and dill and loaded onto a slice of thick, buttered brioche, is both delectable and refreshing, a full meal that won't make you regret eating it. Ergo, the best food at the Minnesota State Fair is the Classic Walleye Roll at Giggles. Why else is this the best State Fair food? Beer. You can procure it right at the same window where you order your sandwich (sorry, Food Building). And seating, plenty of it, some even in the shade of real trees (sorry again, Food Building). And the generally thinner crowds in the Northwoods area where Giggles is located, allowing time to actually enjoy your food rather than scarfing it down on the run. And the possibility of catching a lumberjack show on the next-door stage. And then, at an adjacent stand, you can buy a giant bag of kettlecorn for when you do indeed want something to scarf down on the run. Okay, we're out of reasons now.

Location Details

1265 Snelling Ave.
St. Paul MN 55108


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