To introduce a visitor to the best that Minneapolis's urban side has to offer, climb up through Jean Nouvel's masterpiece building and then out the equivalent of 12 building stories toward the Mississippi (you can stop for coffee at the Guthrie's Level Five Express along the way). Take a seat on the steps outside, drink in hand, and show off our city's core. Look, you can say, this is the great river, and that's St. Anthony Falls, which is why the city exists. Those are the mill ruins, and look at the shiny new buildings popping up on both banks. And best of all, here, what we're sitting on, is a world-class cultural institution that values public space enough to set up this deck as a hangout. Once your guest is sufficiently awed by Minneapolis's many facets, continue the tour by heading to the Mill City Farmers Market, strolling over the Stone Arch Bridge, or taking in some theater.

Location Details

818 S. 2nd St.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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