Best Place to Run into Your Ex (2013)

The Depot Tavern

If you've ever broken up with someone (or been broken up with yourself), you know how awkward it can be to run into that person when you're back out on the market trolling for action. You can try your best to avoid him or her, but if you share similar interests, it's bound to happen eventually. The good news is that even if you're both big music fans, First Avenue is still probably a safe haven, since it's big enough for you to duck and weave through the crowd if you spot your former fling. The Depot Tavern, however, is a different story. Cool enough to attract a mix of music lovers, sports fans, foodies, and bar enthusiasts, the Depot Tavern is by far one of, if not the, best bars in downtown. Its big indoor patio space and dining room make it easy for groups of all sizes to sit down and enjoy a beer or bacon-wrapped Diamond Dog, but intimate enough to avoid yelling over a bunch of drunk dudes and awful top 40 hits. While that's an awesome combination for bargoers looking for a fun, laid-back night out, it sucks for the dude who told his girlfriend they should "just be friends again" right before Valentine's Day. If your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/baby momma/baby daddy was even remotely cool, then chances are they will end up at the Depot, along with their new boo.

Location Details

17 N. 7th. St.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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