Breakups are variations on a theme, both in their causes and in their aftermath. The latter frequently involves a quick escape for the breaker and shocked immobility for the broken, followed by both halves of the erstwhile couple turning to heart-numbing vices like pints of ice cream on the couch or pints of cheap beer on the bar stool. The least the breaker can do, then, is choose a spot that facilitates the grieving process. The best place for all of the above is the busy intersection of Franklin and Hennepin avenues. Quick escape? The Bryant Avenue bike boulevard, I-94, Nice Ride rentals, multiple bus lines. Shocked immobility? Benches in the sun. Eating your feelings? Sebastian Joe's. Drinking them? Liquor Lyle's. All conveniently within street-crossing distance. And there's always busy traffic to run into if none of the above soothes the aching heart. (But really, beer should suffice.)

Location Details

2000 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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