Best Blog (2013)

Bluestem Prairie

Let's all say a little prayer for whichever political figure Sally Jo Sorensen has locked her sights on next. As creator of and primary contributor to Bluestem Prairie, Sorensen is one of the most prolific writers in the blogosphere, and once she digs her teeth into a subject she doesn't let go. Billed as a "hip (but not cynical)" news magazine for greater Minnesota, Bluestem has gained widespread notoriety, from journalists and politicos alike, over the past few years as a progressive hub for in-depth, witty, and irreverent analysis on rural politics in Minnesota. Sorensen is a master aggregator of news big and small, and she still finds time to beat the mainstream media to scoops. She covers everything from the frac sand mining debate to Michele Bachmann and everything in between. We particularly enjoy her ongoing series on Mike Parry, a.k.a. Minnesota's ex-"Emo Senator," who can't keep his racially charged tweets to himself. If you consider yourself a politically savvy news consumer in Minnesota, Bluestem Prairie is a must read.


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