Stone's Throw's approach to farming is less acres and tractors and more guerrilla pop-ups. The six farmers who collaborate on the year-old farming collective carve planting land out of whatever lots they can lease, an approach that has netted them 18 tracts (and, er, growing) throughout the metro area. About a year ago, Stone's Throw's endeavors were technically illegal: Until March 2012, Minneapolis zoning rules dating from 1963 banned growing commercial food in residential areas. After the law changed, the founders of three smaller farms banded together to try to make a living out of their urban farming passion, and one Kickstarter campaign later, Stone's Throw was born. In the year since, it's provided hands-on lessons for interns, volunteers, and summer campers, and it has raised a bounty of food for farmers' market shoppers and its 100 CSA members, with any surplus donated to local food shelves. As it heads into its second official growing season, Stone's Throw continues to expand to more land (relax, toxicologists — to guard against urban farming's unique risks, Stone's Throw tests for soil contaminants before planting). Keep an eye out for fresh, local produce sprouting up in an empty lot near you.

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2216 Elliot Avenue S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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