The ambiance may be a little lacking at this Eat Street outpost of St. Paul's Bangkok Thai Deli, but the incredibly delicious and authentic Thai food more than makes up for the absence of dim lighting and cloth napkins. In fact, once seated over sweet and spicy red duck curry with anise-y Thai basil and pops of sweet peas, or one of the many fresh seafood-laden rice dishes like stir-fried soft-shell crab with hot peppers and yellow curry, you'll forget you're even in Minneapolis. There may be some trendier places along this stretch of Nicollet, but where else can you share airy fish mousse steamed in banana leaves with lemongrass, garlicky nuggets of homemade Thai sausage, and deep-fried chicken wings stuffed with silver thread noodles and still spend less than $10 a person? A few new Thai places may have opened this year, but for the variety and value, no one has yet unseated Krungthep as king.

Location Details

2523 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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