As our street-eats scene continues to flourish, the choice of which truck to visit becomes more harrowing. We get but one lunch break a day! We can't squander that precious time away from our desks eating subpar food. Join the line outside the sunny little trailer that is Dandelion Kitchen, just outside the IDS building, and rest assured that your meal will be divine. Help yourself to one of the handcrafted sodas from the fountain outside and sip away the morning's cares. Owners Alex Brand and Natalie Coleman seek out local producers and use ingredients from small farms to create their menus. The two are also known to take the winter downtime and travel the world, often bringing some of that inspiration back to us. No matter the dish or the season, the sandwiches, soups, and salads they create are stunning bits of food art. Vegetable fans will rejoice in their salads, filled with seasonal bounty. Sandwich lovers will enjoy the ultra-crusty baguettes and meaty-cheesy wonders they contain. Take heart: Today your lunch will not be wasted.

Location Details

Nicollet Mall & 8th St. S.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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