The appetizer market has become saturated with the deep-fried. While that's all well and good, sometimes there's nothing as good as a healthy and fresh option, like the spring roll, for example. Just off 494, Richfield restaurant Joy's Pattaya Thai has a fruit-influenced version of the rice paper favorite, adding mango and avocado to complement the cucumber, carrot, lettuce, and shrimp base. The mango sweetness counters the cucumber crunch, imparting all the best traits of fresh produce in a single handheld bite. An order comes with two enormous rolls, cut down the middle and stylishly garnished with a side of tasty peanut sauce. While second and third dippings may get messy, the rolls themselves stay tightly wrapped and divine.

Location Details

7475 Lyndale Avenue S.
Richfield MN 55423


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