Best Seafood Restaurant (2013)

Sea Change

The salty spray of a cool ocean mist and the tiny grains of sand squishing between your bare toes are an itch we Midwestern folks don't have an easy time scratching. The best we can do is belly up to the raw bar at Sea Change and slurp down some of its artfully prepared seafood dishes. Freshly caught scallops, clams, oysters, and sea urchin are handled with the utmost care to preserve their fragile flesh and flavor. The langoustines are one of the best dishes in the Twin Cities, served with a little hot olive oil, spicy chili, and the fresh pine aroma of rosemary. Ethereal flesh is coaxed into new life with the fruity, spicy, earthy flavor. Chef Jamie Malone and her team know how to protect the flavor of their ingredients. It's one thing to prepare seafood well; it's an entirely different skill to enhance Mother Nature's purity. In that vein, all the seafood at Sea Change is sustainably sourced.

Location Details

806 S. 2nd St.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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