Best Restaurant to Eat with Kids (2013)


The hip new Longfellow spot Parka features everything a parent needs to be able to enjoy a meal with little ones. The food is playful and imaginative. The space is easily cleaned up after those who are still working on their knife skills. Even better, the staff never cringes at the approach of the Playskool set. Distractions include a wooden bendy robot and water games in addition to the usual crayons and paper kids' menu. The kids' menu is even designed by kids (the children of chef Erick Harcey). As a result, parents actually get to talk to each other without the usual "Mom-Mom-Mom. Mom? Mooooom!" background noise. Kids' meals include a choice of vegetable and a trip to the cookie jar. Grownups get Midwestern fare completely re-imagined, Dogwood coffee, and a trip to the cookie jar. Because everyone deserves one of those Rustica cookies.

Location Details

4021 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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