Best Neighborhood Bar (St. Paul) (2013)

Blue Door Pub

Stepping through the Blue Door Pub's eponymous entryway is always an experience: It's noisy, it's fun, and it's packed with people ready for burgers and beer. Make sure you order one of the famously good Blucys (the Blue Door's creative take on the original Juicy Lucy) right when you get a seat. We recommend the divinely savory-sweet Merriam Park Blucy, stuffed with garlic, bacon, and blue cheese and topped with a healthy slathering of red currant jelly. If you're just looking for light finger food, the tater tots and fried green beans always hit the spot. The Blue Door doesn't offer anything stronger than beer or wine, but its tap selection is enough to keep you cool on a warm summer day and satisfied on a chilly night. Our only qualm about this place is the inevitable wait for a table in the matchbox-sized establishment, but with the addition of the Blue Door's new Minneapolis location, we're hoping it will diffuse some of the crazy crowd sizes. And if it's still as packed as ever when you visit, you can check out the treasures at the antique store next door while you wait.

Location Details

1811 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55104


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