Best Late-Night Dining (2013)


After finishing a long second shift or catching a late movie, you all too often find your food options whittled down to pizza or chicken tenders. Both items have their time and place, but in a town this big, this cosmopolitan, and this brimming with exciting restaurants new and old, shouldn't you be able to get something a little more interesting? Enter Nightingale, Whittier's solution to after-bar nibbles for grownup tastes. Enjoy a smattering of small plates featuring everything from steak tartare with sunchokes to a mass of mussels cooked in Boom Island Ale to seared scallops with tart grapes, plus a rotating selection of sweets. Best of all, it's not a limited late-night menu. True to its name, Nightingale's kitchen keeps in full swing until 1 a.m., so everything you can get for dinner at 7 p.m. you can still get for a fuel-up after midnight.

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Location Details

2551 Lyndale Ave. S
Minneapolis MN 55405


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