When Tim McKee's Masu Sushi & Robata came on the scene a few years ago, we all thought the same thing. Does this section of Minneapolis really need another sushi joint? With Origami and (the now-shuttered) Kikugawa in such close proximity, what gap in the market were they really attempting to fill? But when Masu opened, we got our answer loud and clear. They wanted to remind us that Japanese food doesn't begin and end with sushi. Quite the contrary, in fact, especially at this sleek Northeast shop. Everything from the oysters with quail egg to pork belly steamed buns to shredded dried squid is an excellent example of Japanese izakaya — the Asian version of pub grub. Under the more substantial sections of the menu are succulent grilled short ribs, plentiful bowls of ramen and yakisoba topped with sweet seafood and crunchy pickled veggies. Bonus: The sushi is really good here, too.

Location Details

330 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55414


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