The best thing about an ice cream cone on a hot summer day is the license to act like an eight-year-old. Rich and creamy, sticky and cold, the ice cream leaks over the edge of the sugary cone and traces a path from your fingers to the street below. Similarly, as you walk inside Lynden's Soda Fountain it's hard not to start reflexively begging your mom for one of those swirly lollipops the size of your head. At this old-fashioned soda fountain, you can get your ice cream simply plopped into a cone, but why not let your inner rug rat run wild? Dash through the trays of vintage candy. Pile on the whipped cream, the sprinkles, cookies. Dunk a Mojo Monkey doughnut in there, or have them whiz it up with some malted milk. If you must insist on going grownup, top it with a shot of Dogwood Coffee espresso. This is an ice cream dreamer's paradise.

Location Details

490 Hamline Ave. S.
St Paul MN 55105


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