Sure, we have plenty of "fancy" options for the humble French fry in the Cities — cooked in unexpected fats, served with exotic seasonings, and served up like some kind of haute cuisine dish. If you are looking just for flavor, it is hard to beat the "chips" at the Anchor. It starts with the potatoes, which are freshly cut and then deep-fried to a brilliant golden tone. Add some simple seasoning and you have a perfect potato package. Hot from the fryer, the chips are golden, crisp, and crunchy on the outside and exquisitely tender inside. Pair them with the Anchor's also excellent deep-fried fish and you have a meal to make you feel like you're in Old Blighty. With the addition of the Anchor's food truck, you can even walk the streets of the Twin Cities like a Londoner (though you'll have to provide your own newspaper wrap).

Location Details

302 13th Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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